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“I can’t believe how good I feel now. I wish I had started here. I’ve had many forms of treatment in the last few years without significant improvement. I glad I found you.”

H.M., New Britain

“Your service is first rate. I’ve been treated at other facilities and really can tell the difference. I got more than what I expected. You made me aware of things I need to do to prevent other problems. Thanks!”

J.O., West Hartford

“I didn’t want to come to therapy because I was in so much pain, but the doctor really wanted me to see you. I’m very glad that I did now. I feel so much better and the doctor is really impressed with my results as well.”

K.C., Farmington

Visit us where we provide one-on-one care to fully assess the cause of your pain and dysfunction. We apply manual skills to improve the limitations of the muscles, joints and fascia of your body. Specific therapeutic exercises to improve neuromuscular deficiencies and the biomechanical function of the body are taught to each client. We also teach proper posture, biomechanics and a home program to maximize your improvement. This is our standard of care.

Call today to schedule your appointment to get started with your individualized plan for maximal improvement!